Newsletter 1: Moving back home

If you would have asked me a couple of years ago, if I could imagine to move back in with my parents; I would have answered to you, as convinced as I could have been, that I would never do that. Well, things change. Now this is exactly what I am going to do. I will move back to my hometown, back to Hamburg, back to my parents house. I will move back in with them and start this project.

The aim of the project is to achieve self sustainability for our family in terms of vegetables, fruits and water for the garden.

The last four month I have been traveling in Thailand and a little bit in Europe. Most of the time I was volunteering with WWOOF and I did a permaculture design certificate over there (you can read about it here). In the end of the PDC course we presented a project that we chose to plan.

Since a long time now I had the dream to have my own project, where I could live and grow vegetables. And I always thought that I will never have the money to buy land and that there is very little land left in Germany. So I said to myself, that I might just find another project where I could stay. The beginning of my traveling I told my friends and family that I might not come back home. That I might find a place for me to live somewhere else. Somewhere where I could live my dream of community, of a big garden and time to enjoy life. I have to say I found many nice places. Lovely people too and everything I experienced changed me a lot. It changed how I see the world. Traveling really does that for me. It always gives me new point of views, challenges and a lot of love for the world and all the living beings here.

Bill Mollison writes in „Permaculture Two“: People frequently ask how much land they need for self-sufficiency. The answer is, “As much as you can control”. Any more and you lose self-sufficiency, let alone the ability to produce any excess. If people ask “Where do I start?” then the answer is always “At your doorstep”.

Okay. One day, I woke up and thought: well, I could also go home. I could go to my parents place and live there. It seemed to me that this possibility was just hidden all the time. Hidden behind my wishes for something bigger. It seemed to me, that it was as if I could not see the wood for the trees. I just never thought about it. And I have to admit that when the thought first appeared, I neglected it.

But when I began to think about it more sincerely, well I became pretty fond of the Idea. I began wondering why I did not think about it earlier. Thinking about community, why not trying to live as a community with my family. It came in to my mind, that if I could live peacefully with my family I might have a good chance to do the same with other people later on. I figured out during this traveling, that I would have the chance to live in peace with my family, because now I think to be able to accept them. This new insight I got by reading „loving what is“ from Byron Katie and working with it. A really good book, that I can only recommend.

Lucky as I am my family agreed with my point of view and my parents where open to the Idea of the project in their garden. That is amazing.

So seeing that I can just begin from where I am now, using all resources that are already there. Without wishing for anything else makes me really happy.

See you soon!


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