What about Tomorrow

Hello There,

yesterday I went to the cinema to watch the movie „Tomorrow“. It´s a beautiful example for how people go and search for solutions. The friends who made the movie together thought about how to get people thinking about climate change and what they could do about it. And they chose to inspire. I love how inspired I was when I left the cinema. I was filled with joy and an urge to „do something“. The movie begins with an interview of Anthony Barnosky and Elizabeth Hadly, both working for the University of California, studying climate change. The interview is pointing out some very scary facts about how climate change effects extinction and the human race. It´s a beginning where I first thought: „well this does scare me more than it empowers me…“, but the filmmakers did a very good job with the empowerment after that scene.

It´s a movie about a tomorrow that already exists. And people who try to live it. Brilliant.

Go watch it and be inspired.

You find the website to the film here: https://www.demain-lefilm.com/en/film

Talk soon 🙂

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