Why Plants are so Amazing

Just to give you a look inside whats going on in my head when thinking about plants.

  • They are producing oxygen
  • They give shade (depending on how small you are or how big the plant is)
  • They have amazing looks
  • They produce biomass (by breathing in CO and sunbathing which is AMAZING and called „photosynthesis“)
  • They also use moonlight for photosynthesis
  • They don´t mind (and I cant really say that because I am not a plant and have never talked to one. So this assumption is based only on observation) being eaten. At least they just keep growing as long as there is a bit of a leaf left.
  • Therefore they are amazing teachers
  • They communicate with each other
  • They provide food for us
  • They provide medicine for us

Do you have any other ideas why plants are so amazing? Tell me in the comments 🙂

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